We are productivity machines. Masters of multi-tasking… constantly plugged in, not missing a beat, feverishly checking off our lists, and flying through our day at mack 5. Don’t believe us? Well, how did it become May already? Ah, now you get it. But being a master at “gettin’ it done” comes with a price. Because being constantly “dialed in” means we are never “dialed out.” It means we are squeezing too tightly, trying to keep too many balls in the air at the same time. And, this means our brains are on overload. Until now. It’s time to become masters of dialing out, so this week, we want you to DAYDREAM. That’s right, it’s time to adventure into that “What if I won the Lottery?” type of stuff. Or to enjoy your tropical vacation or your trip to Mars. There are no limits to our daydreams… how cool is that? As children, we did it all the time. So often, actually, that we used to get in trouble at school for it. As adults, we lost our daydreaming skills. Or, maybe we still have them, but just don’t allow the time for it. So, this week, let’s all take a daily “Daydreaming Break.” Let’s just see where our daydreams take us. Guaranteed, they will bring a lot joy. Daydreaming matters.

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