When we have a cut, we clean it. When we have a bruise, we ice it. When we strain a muscle, we rest. But what happens when our wound is not physical? What do we do when we have an emotional wound? What do we do if we have experienced suffering or trauma? There are several ways to answer this sensitive question, but one thing we know for sure is that doing nothing is not the healthy choice. So, this week, in a super loving and supported way, we want you to HEAL A WOUND. If you are human, you will experience loss, grief, trauma, judgment, bullying, and pain at some point on your journey. They are just part of life. 52% of people suffer from a mental illness at some stage of life. This is not something to be taken lightly, because these are real experiences and real emotions. But these wounds should not be kept secrets; rather, they need to be treated, just like a broken arm. If you are really connecting to this right now, please reach out. Find professional support or an empathetic friend. Take a break from the pain, find a creative outlet, get out in nature, or volunteer somewhere. Most importantly, know that there is hope and things can and will get better. Healing these wounds matters.


We are all even more concerned about the mental and emotional health of people during this challenging time. If you are struggling with something; if you are feeling a bit anxious or fearful; if you are feeling down or depressed; if you are feeling stuck; if you are carrying guilt; if you are feeling alone, please talk to someone about it. Our mental and emotional health matter and sometimes we need help to work through our stuff. Please make it a priority and have the courage to get help. There is nothing wrong with getting help.

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