If you want to take this week literally, we wish you the best of luck. Just know that if you do, you will be reminded of this week for a long time to come. It will become the week that keeps giving over and over and over again. It might even begin to annoy you. Actually, it probably will. Yes, this week, we want you to ADD GLITTER. See what we mean? When we use glitter in an art project or when making a card or wrapping a gift, we basically welcome glitter into our life for months or even years. Sure, there are worse things in life, but having someone tell you there is glitter on your face months after using it is slightly annoying. However, in a figurative sense, we can also add glitter. Meaning we can bring our energy, positivity, fun, and sparkly personalities to whatever we do in life, if we choose to. This kind of glitter changes the energy in the room. It makes experiences more enjoyable for everyone involved. And it inspires others to add their own personal glitter as well. So, how do you add glitter? How do people around you add their glitter? A world filled with people who add glitter is a place we can all celebrate. So bring your bright shiny self wherever you go and create moments of joy, hope, and glitter each day. Adding glitter matters.

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