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EMM Family.


I have sat down to write these words so many times and simply find myself deleting them over and over again. As a white male, it feels as though I should not be the one writing this, for how do I ultimately know what it is like to be marginalized and treated unjustly. I don’t. At the same time, as a white male, it has become crystal clear to me that I am absolutely the one who should be writing this, for I cannot sit silently any longer. And, I won’t.
Black lives matter.


As the founder and CEO of Every Monday Matters, I have spent the past decade trying to elevate and create experiences for people around principles that matter–compassion, empathy, diversity, equality, kindness, courage, love, joy, truth, connection, community, and honor. Today, I sit heartbroken and angry, as these non-negotiable principles are being shattered on a daily basis.
Black lives matter.


But this is not about me, for we are a team… a group of caring, loving, and committed people who believe deeply in self- and social-transformation. Our mission is to create a world where every individual and organization understands how much and why they matter. When we say “every,” we mean “every.” Our programs are all designed around the cornerstones of “I Matter,” “You Matter,” and “We Matter,” and we live and breathe these ideals each and every day.
Black lives matter.


Sadly, this is not the reality yet in our country and in our world. Sadly, and rightfully so, our Black community does not feel included in that “every” or the “we.” Sadly, we have not come together as a country to fix this hidden-in-plain-sight problem… and innocent lives continue to be lost.
Black lives matter.


At EMM, we have mourned, been angry, and have committed ourselves to listening and learning. Through our Every Monday Matter K-12 Education program we have the ability to help shape a future that is more aware and more just. We are inspired more than ever to help our youth lead the change we all hope to see. We will do just that.
Black lives matter. 


I wish we had all the answers. I wish I never had to write these words. I wish that racial injustices never existed. But I ask that each person reading this ask what he or she can do to help end systemic racism against Black people… and to take action on it. I ask that anyone with ideas of how we can help or support the effort in other ways to please reach out to us. And, I ask for forgiveness and grace if any of my words miss the mark, for this is probably the toughest copy I have ever written.
Black lives matter.


Matthew Emerzian
Every Monday Matters

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