We shot and released this video September 1, 2018, as part of our monthly theme:  Monday Gets Brave.  Today, August 2020, we are starting the monthly theme of Monday Gets Courageous. In the wake of everything happening in our world today, we thought this video nails it.  These brave men have a message that we ALL need to hear.

The year 2020 has asked a lot of us. We have had to process so much change and uncertainty. We have had to get creative and find new ways to make things work. We have suffered loss. Whether or not we knew one of the over 150,000 people who have lost their life to COVID-19, we have all felt it deeply. We have had to face century old systems that don’t work for everyone the same, and come to terms with our own personal, as well as systemic, biases. And we are about to head right into the eye of another storm—the 2020 Presidential Election. Of course there have been glimmers of hope and joy and celebration, but there is no question that life hasn’t been the same this year. However, in all of the chaos and confusion, let’s not lose sight of the fact that we have all been asked to step up to the challenge to make things better… and most of us have accepted the mission. We have worn our masks, we have kept our distance, and we have found new ways to work from home and support online learning for our children. We have taken a knee and joined the movement in order to make it clear that, yes, Black lives do matter to us. But there is still work to be done. The “we” needs to be bigger. It needs to include more people. So, this month, let’s lean even harder on the thing that has driven us so far. It’s called courage. You have shown it all year. Now let’s take it to the next level. Being courageous matters.


As you know, we have been changing several of our monthly themes this year, because we’ve felt that the themes we selected for this year, back in October of 2019, were not as relevant. Obviously no one could have predicted the events of 2020 and the impact they have had on our lives, but we could change our themes and Monday strategies to be more timely… so we have. Interestingly enough, for July 2020, the theme we picked back in October 2019 was MONDAY GETS PLUGGED IN. So we are back on track with our original programming. However, we looked through our video library and came across this video that was shot for the theme of MONDAY GETS REAL. After watching the video, we felt that it was just as timely today as it was when we shot it over five years ago. We all need to get even more plugged in, so that five years from now this video might not feel as relevant. Check it out and hopefully that will make a ton of sense. You matter. There was a time when the majority of the electrical sockets in our homes were mostly left unused, other than the occasional lamp here or there and a toaster or alarm clock. Those days are a distant memory. Now we have power strips in most of our sockets in order to have more access to electrical power. We need more sockets for more gadgets—cell phone chargers, Internet modems, Wi-Fi extenders, computers, home security systems, air purifiers, Smart Home devices, and the newly famous Instant Pot, now with a Wi-Fi option. So, literally, we are plugged in more than ever before. Additionally, we have emailing, Facetiming, texting, instant messaging, and social media posting that seemingly allow us to be more plugged into one another’s lives. Toss in a virus, home exercise equipment, and a robust home delivery industry, and we have created the perfect culture of cocooning and isolating. No need to leave the house, no need to see a single soul, no need to shower, no need to get dressed for the occasion. However, as we hunker down and do our home improvements, two things are greatly suffering… our communities and us. We need our community and our community needs us… especially in times like this. If you are already plugged in, then let’s take it to the next level. If you have disconnected, it’s time to re-engage. We are designed for this. Getting plugged in matters.        


Saying there is a lot going on in our world is a massive understatement. Political divides, COVID-19, social injustices, changes at work, changes in schools, changes in just about all of our personal routines have all been enough to wear us down a bit. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones who aren’t “feeling it,” but our hunch is that you would be part of a very small group of people. In no way do we want to belittle what so many people are experiencing with our theme for this month; but this theme was decided upon in November of 2019, and we believe it just might be the doctor ordered today. In all of the heaviness, there is a good chance that we have lost a bit of our lightness. Ask yourself… Do you smile as much? Do you laugh as much? Are you having as much fun? If so, please share your secrets, for many of us could benefit. So this month, we want to inspire more fun. Yes things are different and the headlines are hard to stomach, but this doesn’t mean we don’t need joy and levity in our lives. Let’s create meaningful experiences for one another that allow us smile and play and be a kid again. Let’s create more wonder and even dork out a bit. We need it and so does our world. Being and having fun matters… even today.

Note: This video was shot and first shared in May 2018. Today, two years later it still applies.






EMM Friends. Again, in the spirit of delivering messages that are relevant, we are making the theme for May – Monday Gets Mindful.  We first did this theme in November 2017. Check out the video again to see just how on-point it still is today. We did, however, create different Mondays than we did in 2017. This month they are:
  • Enjoy the Now
  • Feel Your Feelings
  • Choose Civility
  • Turn the Page
Monday Gets Mindful

The terms mindfulness or being mindful have become more prevalent in our world. Maybe, it’s in response to what used to be our increasingly fast-paced lifestyle. Maybe COVID-19 has even brought more attention to our need for mindfulness. There are books about being mindful. There are websites dedicated to mindfulness. There are mindfulness therapies and coaches. There are apps to help and remind us to be mindful. Mindful resources are within our reach to help us create more meaningful moments. And life is truly amazing, when we are able to be mindful and present. But this isn’t necessarily easy and there is a good reason why. Our conscious brain processes 40-50 bits of information per second. That may or may not sound like a lot, but it is estimated that our unconscious brain has the ability to process 11 million bits of information per second. Our eyes process 10 million bits of information. Our skin senses 1 million bits of information. Our ears and noses take in 100,000 bits of data. Finally, we process 1,000 bits of information with our sense of taste. All of this can happen within one second, and our phenomenal brain compresses all of this down to a consumable 50 pieces. Not only does it inform us on why it is so challenging to be present, it also illustrates our need to create moments of peace and quiet and presence. Being mindful matters.



EMM Friends, Fans, and Loved Ones. For the next few months, we have decided to revisit some monthly themes from the past that we think are super timely right now. We did Monday Gets Compassionate in June 2018, and we need compassion now more than ever.  It’s actually amazing to see how relevant this video is from almost 2 years ago. His words are true today as ever. Thank you for journeying with us and for spreading compassion. You matter.   It’s easy for us to get caught up in our “stuff.” We have things to do, places to go, people to see. And then we have our emotions, which can be overwhelming, to say the least. Before we know it, we have spent most of the day doing things for or thinking about ourselves. This might sound a bit self-centered or selfish, but we choose to see another perspective—a kinder point of view. Maybe we all get a little self-focused not because we don’t care about other people, but because life throws a lot at us and we are all doing our best to stay on top of things each and every day. Does that feel better? We hope so, because it’s true. But now that we have offered some loving grace and compassion, we also want to get real. We are all experiencing a strange and challenging time right now. We are still trying to adjust to this new normal and trying to find our personal way through it. Fair enough, for sure; but we can’t get too self-focused in times like this. We still need to show concern and empathy for others and our world. Let’s spread more love, kindness, and compassion than ever before. It’s the only way we will move through this together and come out better for it in the end. Being compassionate matters.      


Our physical and mental health must be our first priority, but is it? It’s pretty simple stuff here—for without our health, we have nothing. Harsh, but true. But why is it that we take our health for granted so easily? Most of the time, we don’t need to think about how our heart pumps blood, how our lungs expand and contract, how our eyes take in what we see, and how our brain processes 11 million bits of information every second. But, when any of these functions falter or fail, we think about them incessantly. A healthy person has a thousand wishes; an unhealthy person has one—to be healthy. It’s time to be proactive about our health. We know better. Living in the information age allows us to have all the information we need in an instant. So the ignorance excuse is forever gone. The question is whether or not we are truly really to take ownership of our health. Taking care of oneself is an investment. It takes thought. It takes time. It takes effort. But the rewards and return on investment are immeasurable. Your physical and mental health matters to you, your friends, your family, and the world. Being healthy matters.      


When we were collecting words to create the 2020 EMM Calendar, we kept receiving the words “love” and “kindness” more than any other word. This can be taken one of two ways, because the question we asked to collect our words was, “What is one word that you think we need more of in our schools, companies, families, communities, and the world?” So, when “love” became one of the top responses, it made us wonder… Are people saying that we need more love because there can never be too much of it; or is it because they truly feel like we have lost our loving ways? Well, whether we want more of it or need more of it, the message was clear—so let’s dedicate an entire month to be more loving. Love is the most powerful force in the world. Nothing can make us feel happier and more hopeful, yet nothing can bring us to our knees so harshly at the same time. That’s the risk, but it’s worth it. For a life or a world without love is also a life or a world without empathy, compassion, gratitude, thankfulness, kindness, and care. Which means it is also a life and a world without community and relationships… which is not how we are supposed to live. So let’s all chip in this month to let love shine. After all, if we want to create more love in our world, then we all need to be more loving… to ourselves, to other people, and to our community. Being loving matters.      


A new year has begun. Time to start fresh and determine how we want to do this year. We break out the pen and paper or device and begin to chart resolutions and goals. Maybe we want to be healthier, more financially stable, or more climate-conscious. Perhaps, we assess our relationships and determine that we want to reach out more often to family and friends or create new connections. Or maybe we want to get involved in our community, start a new hobby, or pursue an interest. Once we write down our resolutions, we begin to brainstorm ways of achieving them. We say to ourselves, “This year, I’m really going to…” But then something happens… we fail. There are several reasons why we don’t hit our resolution goals, but one of them might be something we’ve never considered. Grammatically speaking, the word “dedicated” and “dedicate” are two different parts of speech. Dedicated, in the adjective form, is when one has a single-minded loyalty and is exclusively committed to a task. Dedicate, in verb form, is the act of devoting time to a single task, purpose, or subject. When New Year’s resolutions fail, maybe it is because we are using the wrong part of speech. We get dedicated to the idea, to the vision, or the image of something, but we forget that it is only we take action and truly dedicate our time, energy, and emotions into something, that we succeed. Dedicate, the verb, is where the magic happens. Being dedicated matters.      


It’s often said that when all else fails, we always have hope. But is that how we really want to accept the idea of hope? That it’s the last thing remaining after every other option has failed? In some sense that might be true, but this idea completely ignores the true importance and power of hope. For hope isn’t last, it’s first. Hope is the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning. Hope is the thing that inspires us and makes us believe that anything is possible. When we were young, we hoped to be astronauts, firefighters, doctors, professional athletes; and this hope is what drove us to believe we could do it. Our hope was limitless and abundant. But what about now? What does hope mean to you? What does hope feel and look like to you? Is hope still alive and well in you or have life experiences dampened or smothered it a little bit? Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it matters that we remain hopeful for something better, something bigger, something bolder. Especially with easy access to news and world events that chip away at our aspirations, it is important to surround ourselves and create pathways for hope. So, what do you hope for… for yourself? For others? For your community? For the world? It’s time to be hopeful and hope for the best. Being hopeful matters.      


We all want to be empowered. We want to know that we can do the things we want to do in life. And we often look to other people for that empowerment and acknowledgment, and less often we realize that we have the power and strength in us already. This month is all about getting empowered. We want to spend the month not just knowing that we deserve to be empowered, but to really feel it inside of us. We’ll spend the next few weeks not just finding our voice, but using it. This month, decide that you’re going to go after what you want to in life, even if there isn’t an example for you. Decide that you will overcome your anxieties and fears, because you are strong enough to not be held back by them. Invest in your own resiliency and celebrate the steps you take toward your larger goal in life. And, along the way, find yourself a cheerleader, a friend, and a bunch of supporters and fans—and be that for other people that you care about. Remember that being empowered isn’t about creating just one inspirational moment—it’s about raising the bar to how you live, day after day, throughout your life. Start building your empowered, powerful life now. Getting empowered matters. Thank you to our dear friend, Marc Coronel, for sharing his inspiring and empowering story with us. Marc is still in need of a new kidney and is searching for a match. His blood type is O+, which is extremely difficult to match. To see if you are a match, please visit this website: