The average adult makes over 35,000 choices per day. That’s over 245,000 choices per week, 1 million per month, and 12 million per year. No wonder our heads hurt every now and then. But, even more important to understand is that every single one of those choices not only impacts your life, but the lives of everyone around you. Because you are one huge ripple effect machine. Every thought you have, action you take, word you say impacts the world… either for the better or worse. So, this week, we want you to CHECK YOUR CHOICES. Are you going to smile at a stranger or ignore them? Are you going to walk by that piece of liter or pick it up? Are you going to put someone down or lift them up… including yourself? Are you going to eat a healthy meal and exercise or the opposite? You get the idea. But we’re here to offer one BIG hint… make choices that align with what you hope for in your life and the world, because that is exactly what they will create. Choices matter… let’s make good ones.

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