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We are all living in a unique and challenging time right now as the COVID-19 virus has completely changed everything for everyone. At Every Monday Matters, we had to figure out a way to still serve the thousands of teachers and educators and the millions of students that we reach with our EMM K-12 Education Program. To do so, we have launched a brand new “Home Education Resources” portal.


The portal is completely free for you to access and includes resources for everyone:


  • Hundreds of hours of Social and Emotional Learning lesson plans for teachers and educators
  • Activities for parents and families to use as part of your remote schooling
  • Live and recorded classes taught by us for students


We truly hope these resources help. Please know how much you matter to us and be well. You matter.



Accessed by more than 4,000 educators and education staff members who represent more than 2 million students, the year-round, no-cost EMM K-12 Curriculum is a flexible yet powerful program for engaging today’s youth in topics and activities that build self- and social-responsibility, awareness, and engagement. Through hands-on Social and Emotional Learning activities, students in grades K-12 learn in real time how to be confident, empathetic, caring, and impactful in positive ways.

Built on our yearly calendar of relevant monthly themes and weekly strategies, the EMM K-12 Curriculum promotes the three perspectives of “I Matter,” “You Matter,” and “We Matter,” helping students understand their own worth, how to engage in healthy and strong relationships, and how they can be active members of their classroom, community, and world.
Each week of the K-12 Curriculum features a menu of 15+ minute activities that can be successfully implemented with minimal preparation time and materials, and are easily adapted to students’ grades, ages, ability levels, classroom goals, and group size. The K-12 Curriculum can be used in in-school settings, after-school and expanded learning programs, summer programs, and as a part of student club and leadership programs. Activity lesson plans, videos, and other resources are available on EMM’s online Educator Portal.
To sign up for the K-12 Curriculum, visit our Educator Portal at, and email us at with questions and training inquiries.


The EMM Service and Leadership Club program is for youth leaders seeking a student-run, advisor-assisted program for 6-12th grade students. With an emphasis on leadership and campus and community service, Service and Leadership Clubs provides students the unique opportunity to put Social and Emotional Learning skills into practice while making a lasting and positive impact on the world through service learning.
Clubs are encouraged to use our calendar of monthly themes and weekly topics, as well as the K-12 Curriculum, as inspiration for their activities, while also responding to the wants and needs of their school and community.
EMM Service and Leadership Clubs can be used in in-school settings, after-school and expanded learning programs, summer programs, and as a part of existing student club and leadership programs. While Service and Leadership Clubs are largely run and directed by the students involved, free resources are available on EMM’s online Educator Portal, including a clubs handbook, fundraising suggestions, and a guide to running effective High-Quality Service Learning projects.
To access Service and Leadership Clubs materials, sign up on our Educator Portal at and email us at with questions and training inquiries.


It’s no secret that students of all ages are faced with challenges every day. But when it comes to challenges that impact our students’ feelings of safety, self-worth, wellness, and acceptance, our 8-12th grade students can be especially affected.
That’s why EMM partnered with veteran filmmakers Erahm Christopher and Brooke Dooley to create Listen, a whole new program focused on mental and emotional wellbeing. Listen pairs a powerful Hollywood film of the same title with an impactful curriculum that addresses the challenges our upper grade students are facing everyday, including bullying, violence, substance abuse, and mental illness. Through the 12 lessons and 60+ hours of the Listen curriculum, students are empowered to take positive action to help themselves and each other, and to activate members of their campus and community for support and solidarity.
Click here to learn more about the Listen program, and email us at for more information on how to get started, receive training, and participate in a pilot evaluation program.


We believe that educators, just as the students they serve, are significant. Educators are powerful influencers that create a culture that matters in their classrooms, programs, and communities.
EMM is honored to serve over 4,000 educators in 49 states and 7 countries. Our educators include teachers, staff leaders, volunteers, counselors, and administrators working in out-of-school and school-time settings, the justice system, social services, faith-based programs, youth leadership programs, and district, county, and state offices—and more.
To support our educators and successful program implementation, EMM offers the following effective and affordable workshops, staff trainings, and support:
  • EMM K-12 Curriculum Training
  • EMM K-12 Implementation and Skill-Building Workshops
  • EMM K-12 Curriculum Assessment Workshops and Action Planning
  • Trainings on Social and Emotional Learning, High-Quality Service Learning, and the 4 C’s
  • Motivational Assemblies and Keynotes (for students, educators, and program staff)
  • Community-Building Events (for students, educators, and program staff)
  • EMM K-12 Program Evaluation Resources and Services

EMM’s Education Team leads workshops and delivers keynotes regularly at education conferences around the country, including NAA, BOOST, and regional conferences. EMM also partners with county and district education offices to provide training, support, evaluation, and training-of-trainers models. Current and past partners include the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Orange County Department of Education, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, and more.

For more information about trainings, workshops, staff support, and conference appearances, email us at

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