We all lead busy lives — tons of commitments, work, kids, exercise, doctor appointments, sleep (if we are so lucky), and more. Then we get to spend our weekends fitting in all of the errands that didn’t get done Monday through Friday. This treadmill is not only exhausting, but it has a way of disconnecting us from the world. We get locked into “production” mode and just fly through life… often on a bit of a solo mission. But, this week, we want you to GET INVOLVED in something you really care about. Yes, we can hear it already… “But I already don’t have enough time.” We get it and know this might take some adjustment on your part, but we think it’s worth it. See, we are all part of a community. Maybe it is a large city or a small town. Or maybe it’s a community within your community, like your church, a non-profit organization, or school. You get to pick. We just ask that you take action. Your community needs you. Getting involved matters.



“I don’t want to be someone who sits on the sidelines; I want to be present and actively involved. It’s a life with a purpose.”

Charlene, Princess of Monaco

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