Are you a procrastinator? Be honest. Do you tend to put off activities that were planned or scheduled for things that are of lesser importance or more enjoyable? Or are there things on your To-Do list that seem to carry over week after week? Don’t worry; if your answer is “yes,” you are a member of a big club and are actually pretty normal. No judgment here. Everyone has “something” they tend to procrastinate on. But, imagine if you were able to shake the procrastination thing? Not only would you be abnormal, in a good sort of way, but you also wouldn’t have to go through your day with that extra forty pounds of guilt weighing you down. Sounds kind of nice, right? So, this week, we want you to GET IT DONE. Go ahead and make that To-Do list, but instead of starting with the easy items in pursuit of the cheap thrill of checking stuff off faster, start with the tough one. The “Biggie.” Take a minute to dissect why it’s the thing you’re putting off and then go for it. Then watch how easy the rest of the list gets. Not only that, it’s better for your health – less anxiety, sleep loss, distraction, etc. Sold yet? Good. Because GETTING IT DONE matters.

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