Imagination is magical. Think about it. A lot of what exists in our world today started in someone’s imagination. In other words, we, human beings, have the ability to “see” something that never existed. We could “see” the automobile before we built it. We could “see” walking on the moon before we took our first step. We could “see” pursuing a career, getting married, and having a family. In other words, significant things are created first in our imagination. Listening to our heads and our hearts helps us envision new images, realities, and possibilities. What can you “see”? What’s in your head and your heart? What can you create? This week, we want you to complete the sentence IMAGINE IF… Maybe it is a more loving world. Maybe it is a healthier family life or stronger friendships. Or maybe it is a new way of learning for our youth or a new technology that makes travel quicker, safer, and more environmentally friendly. At EMM, we IMAGINE IF there was a new normal. And, we imagine millions of people imagining the same thing. How about you? Imagination matters.

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