If you are like most people, there is a good chance you have that one particular phone call hanging over your head that you never made. You know the one… maybe you missed someone’s birthday and feel bad about it. Or maybe someone left you a message two weeks ago and, with every passing day, it gets harder for you to pick up the phone to call him or her back. To avoid two weeks from becoming two months, this week, we want you to MAKE THAT CALL. Just pick up the phone, dial that number, own the fact that you kind of messed up, then enjoy the conversation. It’s that easy. And, also enjoy the fact that you don’t have that weight on your shoulders any more. But don’t stop there, because there are a lot of people who would cherish to hear from you. Not because you dropped the ball or didn’t return their call, but just because they love you and would love to hear your voice… and a text doesn’t cut it. Phone calls matter.


“Five minutes to call someone and let them know you were thinking of them can make somebody’s day.”

Sophia Bush

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