Holiday retail sales are forecasted to be over $619 billion this year in the U.S. For a lot of reasons, that is a good thing… a lot of people will be receiving fun stuff, a lot of people will be giving cool things, people will get holiday jobs, and businesses and the economy will thrive. So, we have decided to join in and make this month all about giving… but we have also decided to add a slight twist. See, giving doesn’t always have to involve buying something. It doesn’t even need a holiday season. It is something that we can all do freely and for free on any day of the year. The fact is that you have more gifts to give than you probably even have time to give them. And, speaking of time, giving of your time just might be the greatest gift of all. So, this month, get ready to give and then give some more. Ever made a Giving List instead of a Santa List? Well get ready. It’s going to be fun. Whether it’s a lending hand, a small act of kindness, or just your full attention… your gifts matter. And, it’s time to give of them. Giving matters.

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