It is a new year. A time for reinvention. A time for making a change. A time to be courageous… to take action… to be your best you. And, we think this is the perfect time to get real. You see, over 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Meaning, if 100 people committed to changing something in their life, only 10 of them stuck to it. Now this can be due to any number of things… the goal was too high, the commitment level was too low, the desire for change wasn’t enough to see the commitment through, etc. No matter the reason, we end up with a pretty poor success rate on our resolutions. But what this might really say is that we don’t think we matter enough to ourselves, those around us, or the world. How’s that for getting real? So, this month, we want you to dig deep so you can focus and get involved like never before. Get ready to make every single Monday and week matter with our Monday activities. They’re designed to give all of us a kick in the butt. To get our attention. To get engaged. And then before you know it, it will be the end of the year and we’ll all be feeling pretty great about making it happen, one person, one Monday at a time. It is time for all of us to create a better life and a better world. It’s time for a new normal. It’s time to get real.

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