In the 1870’s, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone, the world changed forever… we were given the ability to connect like never before. Then came computers, cell phones, the Internet, email, and now smart phones. And, in a fairly short amount of time, Alexander Graham Bell’s earth-shattering invention has almost become obsolete. Today, you might be feeling that the world is over-connected; but, if that’s the case, then why do so many people still feel so alone, isolated, and completely dis-connected? We believe it’s because the nature of our connectedness has changed. We’ve lost focus on creating a genuine connection with real “friends.” Instead, we mass share information that really doesn’t matter and tends to be more destructive than constructive. Conversations are rarely face-to-face exchanges anymore… and definitely not very one-to-one. Instead it’s easier to just email, text, or tweet. Who wants to talk anymore? Well, we do. It’s time to talk. It’s time for some real, genuine, positive connection. Being connected matters.

Monday, October 6 – MAKE THAT CALL

Monday, October 13 – GET INVOLVED

Monday, October 20 – SCHEDULE A LUNCH

Monday, October 27 – KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR


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