Every Monday Matters is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping individuals and organizations understand how much and why they matter—to themselves, the community, and the world. We provide the platform and programs that inspire and mobilize people to create this positive change… one person, one Monday, one action at a time.


We believe it is within all of us to create a world where goodness is cool, authentic is real, what matters most actually matters, friends are more important than fans, honesty is a universal truth, being accountable is embraced, doing the right thing is the only thing, and Monday is seen as the best day of the week. Ultimately, we envision a world where all people understand how much and why they matter. And, we offer the platform, programs, content, and connection people and organizations need to make this vision a reality. It’s up to you to join in.


We believe personal and societal change happens both from the inside-out and the outside-in. People who feel better about themselves do more good for others and their community. People who do more good for others and their community feel better about themselves. In other words, self and social transformation are connected.

More than anything, people want to know that their life matters. That they are connected to others, and are loved, seen, heard, and valued. That they are living a life of meaning and significance. Knowing we matter changes everything—for people and for the world. When we connect to how much and why we matter, we feel more deeply, we think bigger, and we contribute differently. EMM’s mission is to create programs, messaging, and experiences to drive positive change, both internally and externally.


There are two main ingredients to our personal and social transformation model.

1. We design all of our programs around three perspectives:

I MATTER: “I feel good about myself and have a lot to offer.”

YOU MATTER: “I appreciate and positively impact those around me.”

WE MATTER: “Together, we can do amazing things.”

2. We drive these perspectives through our annual EMM calendar, which features 12 monthly themes per year and 52 weekly (Monday) topics  that tie directly back to the monthly themes. Previous monthly themes include compassion, imagination, fun, and gratitude, with weekly topics such as “Express Love,” “Grow Your Knowledge,” “Be You,” and “Nurture Relationships.” The EMM calendar changes yearly and offers fresh and relevant content that focuses on what we can do for ourselves, for one another, and together to create positive change.


If you didn’t know this before, we’re here to tell you, YOU MATTER. So please join us in this vision, our shared mission, and a personal journey to create a world where every single person knows how much and why they matter.

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