The EMM Service and Leadership Club program is for youth leaders seeking a student-run, advisor-assisted program for 6-12th grade students. With an emphasis on leadership and campus and community service, Service and Leadership Clubs provides students the unique opportunity to put Social and Emotional Learning skills into practice while making a lasting and positive impact on the world through service learning.

Clubs are encouraged to use our calendar of monthly themes and weekly topics, as well as the K-12 Curriculum, as inspiration for their activities, while also responding to the wants and needs of their school and community.

EMM Service and Leadership Clubs can be used in in-school settings, after-school and expanded learning programs, summer programs, and as a part of existing student club and leadership programs. While Service and Leadership Clubs are largely run and directed by the students involved, free resources are available on EMM’s online Educator Portal, including a clubs handbook, fundraising suggestions, and a guide to running effective High-Quality Service Learning projects.


Club Modules

We created this Starter Tool Kit as the perfect first step for you. Please take the time to explore this page to learn more about the what, who, how, and why of our education program. You will also find your first week of curriculum here.

NOTE: We are in the process of updating all of these club resources.


In 2016, we launched our first You Matter Day in Fresno, CA. The idea was actually created by students throughout Fresno County. They were finishing their first year with our curriculum and wanted to celebrate their effort with a big event. Welcome, You Matter Day.

You Matter Day is all about partnerships. The students come up with service projects to benefit their community. We work with the amazing team from the Fresno County Superintendent’s Office to bring the coordination and structure. And, OK Produce, a Fresno-based company provides the generous sponsorship. It is true expression of understanding how much we matter to one another and to our community.

Enjoy the videos below. One thing you might notice is how quickly it has grown over the years. You will most likely be inspired watching the impact generated when students, educators, non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, families, colleagues, and friends come together to do good.

Interested to launching You Matter Day in your community? Email us:  edu@everymondaymatters.org

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