The EMM Curriculum Launch Resources will guide you to laying a solid foundation of understanding for you and your students. Take a few minutes to explore and familiarize yourself with The Heart of Every Monday Matters, the EMM Curriculum Overview, and the EMM Launch Lessons. Get ready and excited to help your students and families understand how much and why they matter.


We call it our secret sauce. It’s the foundation of Every Monday Matters and it not only drives our programs, but it drives how we strive to live every day. 

Life perspectives that change the
way we see ourselves, other people,
and the world.

Monthly themes and weekly strategies by which to live.


The EMM Curriculum Overview

This is a must-read PDF for you. As a map can guide us to our destination, the EMM Curriculum Overview will guide you through EMM’s lesson design and will significantly help you meet the needs of your students.

The guide includes a glossary of the icons used throughout the curriculum, a reference for the learning models, an overview of lesson offerings, and teaching tips and best practices. We promise you won’t want to skip this first step to getting started.


The EMM Launch Lessons

Once you’ve spent some time with the Curriculum Overview and are feeling more informed and ready to give the lessons a spin, this is where you want to go next. The EMM Launch Lessons provide fun and meaningful activities where students get grounded in the concepts of “I Matter,” “You Matter,” and “We Matter.”

This is the perfect first week of curriculum for you to enjoy with your students to begin the journey of helping them understand how much and why they matter. 

Happy Launch Week!

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