How many times have you said to someone, “Let’s grab lunch?” Of those times, how many times did you actually go to lunch? For most of us, it is not until we bump into that person again that we actually acknowledge never having had lunch. So, we make lunch “plans” again… only to not have lunch for the second time. Sound familiar? Well, this week, it is time to SCHEDULE A LUNCH and actually make it happen. For starters, everyone eats lunch. Secondly, having lunch with someone is one of the easiest ways to have genuine, eye-to-eye conversation. Plus, it’s fun. But, there’s another layer here that gets overlooked in our “let’s-plan-a-lunch-that-never-happens” culture. Relationships are built on trust and integrity. Words matter. And, our word matters. So, by offering the idea of having lunch then never pursuing it not only means we missed an opportunity to connect, but it actually works as something that adds to the disconnect we’re all experiencing. Just another broken promise made in passing. To that, we say “Buon Appetito!” Lunch matters.


“Too many people treat their friends as accessories instead of priorities.”

Queen Latifah

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