In his book, The Artisan Soul, Erwin McManus so perfectly wrote, “We were created as works of art to be artists at work.” Now, many of us might read this and completely disagree, thinking, “I could not be any worse of an artist.” We get […]


Summer is in full effect—it’s finally time for warmer weather, longer evenings, barbeques, swimming pools, concerts in the park, and that long-awaited vacation time. But, come September, have you ever been asked, “So what did you do this summer?” and you replied with a puzzled look on your face, realizing you didn’t do much? Well, it’s time to break that cycle. Summer is perfect for having fun, connecting, engaging, exploring, and getting moving. In other words, it’s the perfect time to get active. We don’t mean in a “how many steps did you take today” sort of way, although exercise is always a good thing. Rather, we are focusing on getting active in all facets of life and in your community. Go spend some quality time getting to know your neighbors, go to a museum or take an art class, get out in nature, even if it means laying on your back and staring at the clouds. Or, how about trying some new types of food or taking a road trip to somewhere you have always wanted to visit. Getting active can be whatever you want it to be, but get creative. Notice how we didn’t suggest staying indoors all day playing video games or watching TV? Nope, not this summer. Go play, then play some more. The world is waiting for you. Getting active matters.