Are you a “Bouncer”? No, not someone who works as a security guard or is responsible for “bouncing” out unruly customers. We mean, a real “Bouncer.” Like someone who bounces back easily. Or are you a “Wallower”? Someone that likes to hang out in the […]


“You better grow some thick skin.” “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up.” “Life is hard.” “It’s not the cards you are dealt, rather how you play them.” The list could go on and on. Sayings, mantras, quotes… all asking us to stand tall, be strong, and just brush it off. In a lot of ways, they tell us that we need to be Super Heroes… equipped with the magical ability to deflect any and all evil or bad stuff flung our way. And, there is obviously something intriguing about this, because clearly our culture loves its Super Heroes. We take fictional characters and put them on pedestals because they are basically “Super Human.” However, behind every Super Hero, is a normal every day person. Behind the “mask” of Iron Man, Super Man, Spider Man, Wonder Woman, Black Widow is a person. Just like all of us, they live, love, laugh, cry, hurt, struggle. But they can never be overwhelmed by it all, because, when the world needs them, they must be ready to save the day. They have to “get back on the horse again” and “get back in the game.” In other words, they have to be RESILIENT. Being RESILIENT is not always an easy thing. It is easy to get stuck on the “victim” treadmill… the insurmountable slippery slope. But not this month. We may not be Super Heroes that can “escape” using our fancy costumes and super powers; however, we are just as able to rise to the occasion and press on. So, get ready for a super empowering month. Being resilient matters. Join the Movement: Footage from Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman, Rumble in the Jungle, 1974, YouTube Special thanks to Joe Smith: