We have all had moments in life where things haven’t gone the way we planned. We’ve bumped a parked car, we gained a few pounds, we were late for a meeting or dinner with friends, we missed someone’s birthday, we found ourselves in financial struggles, […]


We live in fast times. Technology has us plugged into information like never before. We are constantly emailed, texted, Facebooked, Instagrammed, Tweeted, pinged, called, or messaged. On top of all of that, every one of us wears several hats each day—family member, friend, partner, employee, student, community member, neighbor, and more. Each person makes over 30,000 decisions every single day. No wonder we feel overwhelmed. In addition to the physical and emotional strain caused by all of this noise and busyness, we are also starting to see behavioral changes. We choose to do too much. We over-promise and under-deliver. We struggle with being present. Words like fun and joy leave our vocabulary. We work even harder to multi-task, even though every research study proves that it makes us less efficient. We have started living a life of “one foot in and one foot out” when it comes to just about everything. Why? Because that’s all the time and energy we have to offer. If we’re honest with ourselves though, we’re not happy with the results. It’s time for a change. It’s time to go all in, to start with the end in mind, and to get focused and take ownership—of our time, our lives, our responsibilities, and our happiness. This month, let’s show up. Being committed matters.