It’s easy to live inauthentically—to hide our true self and to live something or someone we are not. Maybe we have been hurt in the past, which caused us to build protective walls around us. Maybe we have emulated someone and tried to be more […]


Honor is such an interesting and charged word. Honor has always been reserved for those in high places and those who serve—law enforcement officers, military heroes, elected officials, judges, etc.—but times have changed. Honor is no longer a blanket gesture offered to everyone in certain positions. Why? Because honor is something we all have access to and it must be earned over time through consistent actions. Living an honorable life requires us to make decisions and take actions that are full of integrity and high-moral standards. Living an honorable life asks that we prioritize others and the world all around us—not just our own lives and desires. The world is full of people who are honorable and, unfortunately, those who are not. This month, we want you to look toward those who are honorable and learn from their actions—not just their words. We also want you to be that honorable person that other people can admire and esteem to be. Even better, we want you to be that honorable person even when no one is watching. Isn’t that the most compelling statement and truest test of our morals and integrity? We think so. Being honorable matters.