Even though we often think differently, there is no way for us to know it all. As badly as we would like to, the fact is that the world would be pretty boring if we understood everything, right away, all the time. Fortunately, we have […]


Each of us has a story, and every one of us wants to be understood, seen, and known. But understanding goes both ways. When someone is different from us, we can do one of two things—approach them with the intention of understanding them, or go on believing what we’ve always believed about the world, about others, about someone or something that is different than us. This month, we’re challenging you—and all of us—to do the former. This month, we’re getting understanding as we approach others with empathy, curiosity, and an open mind. We’ll practice hearing others out and asking questions to understand their thoughts and beliefs. We’ll remember we don’t know everything and that every one of us can stand to learn a little something here and there. We’ll drop the need to be right, because deep down, we know that we can empathize and understand other people when we’re trying to prove ourselves. So take this opportunity to be a part of a movement that’s headed toward more understanding. Be the change you want to see in the world, and remember that you, your words, and your actions have an impact. This month, start approaching others and situations with more understanding so others will, too. Getting understanding matters.