The “buddy system” was created as a means for two people to partner up in order to help and monitor one another. It is also used as an easy way to maintain headcounts on field trips or as a safety measure for increased protection and […]


There is something pretty awesome that the words “cheerful,” “happy,” “jolly,” “merry,” “cheery,” “blissful,” “upbeat,” and “radiant” all have in common… they are all synonyms for the word “joyful.” In our opinion, that makes JOY something worth spending an entire month on. We live in a world that constantly bombards us with stories, news, and information. Unfortunately, many of those stories are not ones of JOY. Instead, we see and hear stories regarding crime, the environment, the election, war, terror, social injustices, and celebrity scandals. These stories have a way of infiltrating our souls… whether we know it or not. And, they certainly don’t conjure up JOY or any of its synonyms. So, this month, we are going to balance the scale. It is time to make JOYFUL stories the headline news. But this starts with each one of us checking in with ourselves and ramping up our own personal internal levels of JOY. For, if we are not JOYFUL internally, it is really hard to radiate and promote JOY around us. And, once we really feel it deep inside, we are going to do everything in our power to spread it broadly. So get ready to feel really good and to help others feel the same. Being JOYFUL matters.