When it comes to usage, words have a way of making themselves in and out of our culture’s language. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but other times, not so much. But, it’s important for us to recognize or understand this phenomenon, because we can learn a lot from it. “To be aware, acknowledge, recognize, realize, have full understanding of a situation…” is one of the definitions of the word “Appreciate.” And, we would love to see more of this kind of “Appreciation” in the world. However, we can’t stop there, because that would leave one big stone left unturned. Since the early 1900’s the use of the word “Appreciation” has been on a slow and steady decline, yet the word “Entitlement” has had a steep increase in usage, just since the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Hmmm. Appreciation going down, entitlement going up. We are not convinced that this is a trend that we should just turn our backs on, so we are taking it head on. Because at the core of feeling entitled, owed, expected, and privileged is a subtle disconnect from the underpinnings of wonderment, surprise, gratitude, and appreciation. And, frankly, we would rather live in a world based on the latter. So, this month, we are going to really get back to basics, because a world filled with people who know how much and why they matter is certainly a world filled with a ton of appreciation. Being appreciative matters. Special Thank You: We would like to give a special “Thank You” to the amazing students and educators at the Walter’s Preparatory Academy Charter School for helping us create this video. They truly made this a magical experience for all of us. We appreciate you. Join the Movement: