There are a few universal truths that all of us share—we don’t like pain, we don’t like worry, and we don’t like sadness. Given the choice, we would avoid all of that. But what if we did have the choice? Some argue that we do… that we have the ability to ignore even pain. Interesting, right? We don’t recommend trying it, unless walking on hot coals is a personal goal. But there is something we hope you will try, because not only is it good for you, it is good for the world. It’s called, “Happiness.” What if we all choose to be happy or even happier this month? Yes, we get it… there is always plenty going on in our world and in our lives that make it super easy to not feel happy—bills, social injustice, workload, endless chores, etc. And as if all of this wasn’t enough, we have unexpected elements, like natural disasters, illnesses, or accidents. In other words, we have our hands full this month, because being happy can take work. It also takes an absolute commitment from our hearts and our heads. Sure, we can all experience small moments of joy, but we want happiness to be a way of life. We want this to be our baseline—that thing we all feel deep inside throughout our day. So get ready for an incredibly rewarding month, because happiness matters.