In 1963, Andy Williams created a new soundtrack for and gave a new reputation to the holidays as “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.” You might be singing his song in your head right now after simply reading the title of it. Yes, we […]


Spectacular. Now we think that’s a great word. We also think it’s the perfect way to kick off a new year. Part of you might feel a bit tired coming off the holiday season, but we hope a bigger part of you feels excited for what lies ahead. Each of us plays two roles when it comes to the idea of being spectacular. In one sense, there is already so much around us that is worthy of our attention, our awe, and our wonder. We just need to do a better job of seeing and absorbing it. On the flip side, there is also too much in our culture that is negative, uninspiring, and ugly; so we need to counter this with everything that is awesome, uplifting, and good. We get to create whatever it is we want for ourselves and for our world. We say it all the time at EMM—your words, your thoughts, your actions matter. They create exactly what you want them to create. So this month, we are going to focus on creating awesomeness. We are going to feel the energy all around us and better understand what we contribute to it. We are going to own our power, plan for the best, and move forward full steam ahead. There is no better time than today, this month, this year to go for it. Being spectacular matters.