At Every Monday Matters, we spend the year asking people one simple question: “If there is one word that describes what you think our world needs more of, what would that one word be?” We ask a lot of people, actually, and we collect a long list of words. And, there is a reason we do this; it’s truly in the DNA of what we do and how we do it. Because, you may not know this, but this is how we select our 12 monthly themes each year… they are words that you have shared with us when we asked you that question. Ah ha… just shared one of our secrets with you. But that’s okay, because we see this as conspiring for good. So, when it came to creating the calendar for 2016, there was one word that seemed to be on everyone’s mind. In fact, we heard this word more than any other, so we decided to finish off the year with it. So, this month is going to be all about CARING. Let’s see if we can’t slow down and get back to caring for the people in our lives. Some of them may be people we know, and some might be total strangers. Then we’re going to get back to caring for ourselves, as well. Imagine that? All we’re asking of you is to be open and to commit to being a caring force of nature out in the world. We couldn’t think of a better way to finish off the year, especially on the heels of the last few months of some not-so-caring politics. So let’s lead with our hearts, like we know we can and should. Caring matters. Join the Movement: