You are a bipod. Ever been called that before? Well, if you haven’t, don’t worry. It’s not a bad thing. It means that you have a 2-legged support system. And, this system is no joke. In fact, it most likely took 5 years for you […]


Yes, we know that January was last month and that you are probably already hard at work on your New Year’s Resolution. We also know that, most likely, your New Year’s Resolution has something to do with your health… maybe losing a few pounds, eating healthier foods, exercising. But there is one more small detail that we are also aware of… that only just over 50% of New Year’s Resolutions last longer than one month. Starting to connect the dots here? In the spirit of getting back on the horse or helping to give you some extra inspiration, this month is going to be all about getting healthy. We understand why getting healthier is the number New Year’s Resolution each and every year. It should be, because without our health, we don’t have much. But being healthier can mean so many things: Am I getting enough exercise? Am I eating the right things? Am I getting enough resting? And, what about my mental and emotional health? Yes, it is a lot to consider, but they all matter just the same. So, get ready to feel better than ever, because we are all about to become poster people for being healthy. Health matters.


“Health, we have a problem.” According to the newest research: 95% of Americans watch TV every day, 67% use social media, 58% play video games an average of 6.3 hours a week, 54% do online shopping, 51% watch streamed video an average of 4.4 hours […]


Change is difficult. In fact, change is one of those things most of us hate more than anything. Change can be a bit scary, because it asks us to step into the unknown. It can be a bit annoying, because it takes work. And, it’s […]


We have all heard the saying: “Without your health, you have nothing.” And, it is pretty impossible to argue just how true it is. So, we certainly are not going to try to argue it here either. But, what we are going to argue is the fact that we have become way too adept at ignoring just how true this is. In fact, we are so good at pushing it aside, that we often don’t think about or appreciate being healthy until we are actually sick. It’s that whole “you don’t love something until it’s gone” thing again. Even the simplest common cold can completely throw us into an emotional spiral of the blues. And, that’s just a basic cold that we know will be gone in a couple of days. Sometimes it is not that simple; and the road to recovery is much longer than a couple of days. But it’s time to stop taking our health for granted and start making it a priority. It’s time to put a stake in the ground and to finally honor and appreciate our health once and for all. Why? Because you matter. And, the world needs all of us to be thriving, healthy, strong, and to have the energy we need to make it a better place. So, get ready to feel good this month. You deserve it… Your health matters.