We live in the Age of Information. Literally everything is at our fingertips. In an instant, we can research anything we want. We can watch instructional videos on how to build or cook anything under the sun. We can learn languages by pressing “play” and […]


In preparation for this month, we have been asking one question to see how people would answer it. And, based on the replies we’ve received, it seems fair to assume that most people have never been asked this question. You ready for it? Here it is: Are you relevant? Hands down, the most common response we heard was, “You know, I have never thought about that.” Or, we got, “What does it mean to be a relevant person?” What was your initial response to the question? Or were you thinking, “What does that mean?” Not an easy one, huh. You know how much we like to venture into those spaces of wonder and creativity, vulnerability and discovery, inspiration and curiosity. Well, we also like to ask those not-so-obvious questions that help us all challenge the status quo. So, let’s think about this a little longer. Most definitions of, “Relevant” touch on the ideas of being connected; closely tied to; having social context; having significant and demonstrable bearing on something; even, topical, current, or appropriate. To us, this all adds up and leads to a second question, “How actively engaged are you in something? Anything? Everything?” Now ask yourself, “Are you just going through the motions or are you really owning it and getting in the game?” So let’s dedicate an entire month to getting to the bottom of this. Being relevant matters. Join the Movement: