When asked the question, “What do you care about?” our initial response might focus on the nouns in our life. I care about friends, family, or my pets. I care about my phone, video games, or digital devices.


The year 2020 has been as challenging and conflicting as any year in our recent past. From political divides to racial injustices to lives lost to the pandemic to economic challenges to school and business closures to isolation to so many other


We all love presents. Who doesn’t? Receiving a gift, especially from someone meaningful in our life, is one of the best feelings in the world. But when we start prioritizing receiving too much, we forget the giving part, and we disconnect from one of our […]


There is an adjective that we believe most people would hope others would use to describe them. It might not be the first word they might choose, but it would be nice if it made it into the Top 5. The word is “selfless.” Its definition is short but says a lot: “To be more concerned with the needs of others than with one’s own.” The reason we find this word so powerful is because it has a way of combining words like “compassionate,” “generous,” and “kindness” all into one little eight-letter package. But just because we all might want this to be how we’re described, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re earning it. On a cultural-level, it’s not really happening. The themes that seem to be winning the day are more like “greedy,” “judgmental,” “narcissistic,” and “intolerant.” But let’s get personal here. What do you prioritize? How do you put others ahead of you? With the holidays upon us and most of the world consumed with giving and receiving, we’re wondering if we can choose to stay focused on the giving part… the selfless part. And we are not talking about gifts in boxes with fancy ribbons. Let’s make this month all about being selfless with our hearts… the most precious gift of all. Being selfless matters.  


Scientists have proven over and over again that helping someone else produces a chemical reaction in our brains that, in turn, helps us in profound ways. In fact, volunteering has proven to lower blood pressure, ward off loneliness and depression, increase self-esteem, and even lengthen […]


We all feel it. The holidays are now officially in full effect. The crowds. The traffic. The cooking. The shopping. The traveling. We spend an entire month in “Go” mode, checking off our to-do lists, pedal to the metal, making sure that everything is perfect, and then, in the blink of an eye, it’s over… and we all exhale from exhaustion. Does any of this even sound like a holiday? Or does it seem more like something that causes us to feel like we need a true holiday?
We are going to do our best this month to flip the holiday script… to get to a deeper meaning of what this time of year is all about. What if, instead of material gifts, we all gave the gift of thankfulness? Well, we kind of liked the idea, so we decided to do something a little different with our monthly video in the hope that you agree.
Welcome to The #YOUmatterBECAUSE Campaign. Our hope is that you will follow these super simple steps: 1. Watch this video 2. Think of someone (or several people) in your life that you can shoot a #YOUmatterBECAUSE video for 3. Shoot your video or videos 4. Share your videos with them, using: #YOUmatterBECAUSE 5. If you are feeling it, make a donation to Every Monday Matters, so we can bring our YOU MATTER message to more students around the world That’s it. Thanks for joining us in spreading this important message. YOU MATTER TO US.  


The words “love” and “generosity” are the perfect “six in one, half dozen in the other” combination of words. Let us explain… Someone might say that it’s impossible to love someone else until you learn how to love yourself. However, someone else might argue that […]


Time is the most precious thing we have in life. We can’t stop it, we only get so much of it, and we ultimately never know how much of it we actually get. We don’t say this in an effort to bum everyone out; rather, […]


If there was ever a time of year when we are best at showing our generosity, it is the month of November. In fact, in the U.S. alone, over $50 billion is spent during the four days of Black Friday through Cyber Monday. And, for the sake of our argument, we are going to assume that this money was spent in an effort to purchase gifts for other people. Pretty generous, if you really think about it. So convincing that one might say that we have the gift buying and gift giving kind of generosity down pretty well. And, we are not here to say that this is a bad thing… hey, everyone gets to pick how they spend their money and what feels like the right expression of generosity for them and the person on the receiving end. However, we are here to say that this is not the only way to be generous. In fact, there are limitless ways that we can give to one another… and even to ourselves. Your smile is a gift. Your time is a gift. Your hope is a gift. And, all of the little things that you do to lift someone up and to be kind to ourselves are all gifts. And, we like to imagine a world where all of these gifts were freely exchanged all year around. So, this month, we are going to give a generous helping of generosity. Being generous matters.