We, humans, breathe in O2 and breathe out CO2. Well, trees, do just the opposite… they take in CO2 and produce O2… just so we can make more CO2. In other words, trees are awesome. Oh, they also produce shade, which allows us to use […]


Sometimes things can become a bit cliché, meaning they are overused or seem to lack any sort of originality. And, for the most part, we see things that are cliché in a negative light. But, in some cases, maybe something becomes cliché because over using […]


Breast Cancer has pink. Heart Health has red. And, our Environment has green. But it seems like, unlike Breast Cancer and Heart Health, our Environment is still fighting to be “color-worthy.” But why? How it is possible that this is even a debate? Is there not enough science that shows how truly important our environment is and how humans are treating it with less respect than it deserves? Even without the facts and experts weighing in, isn’t caring for our environment worthy of a color? We believe, and maybe you do too, that we could all be making better choices for the environment and therefore all living things. And in the end, there’s no need for a debate about that. The fact is that our environment is not just a matter of science, it is a matter of morals and values. It is about doing the right thing. About caring. When someone flicks their cigarette butt on the ground, it is a message to the world, and everyone and everything living in it, that “I don’t care.” The same applies to long showers, not recycling, and the list goes on. Well, it’s time to care. And, we think that caring for the environment is worthy of a color, because how we treat our environment impacts every single living thing on Earth… not just some of us. Being green needs to matter today, more than ever.