Are you someone who is eager to know or learning something? Do things you see or hear grab your attention and cause you to ponder or ask questions? And how big is your comfort zone? For some of us, we have created pretty small and safe little boxes around ourselves. For others, the sky is the limit. And, for those truly fearless few, there isn’t even a sky… they are boundless, “I will try anything once” adventurers. Well, we are not going to get too crazy with all of this, but, this month, we are going to push it a tad. And, if you are curious about where all this is headed, then you are in the perfect place, because this month is going to be all about getting curious. Our world offers so much to try, explore, learn, and appreciate. When we first enter into the world, we are curious about everything, because everything is new. We have to press “that” button. We can’t resist “tasting” that hot sauce. And, when someone tells us not to do something it only makes us more intrigued. However, as we get older, we start to form routines and patterns. We often lose our sense of curiosity, either out of potential risk or discomfort, but also because maybe we just think we know it all already. Well, we don’t. We promise. So get ready to step out and step up this month. Being curious matters.