We have all heard that “gratitude is the best attitude,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s our attitude most often. Instead, we tend to focus on anger, fear, frustration, and entitlement… just to name a few. But focusing on and exhibiting these attitudes only brings us, and everyone around us, down. They are energy suckers and keep us right we are at in any given moment instead of moving us forward into joy and relationship. Once we decide to practice gratitude, however, we begin to appreciate life. Whether it is the big moments or the little things, feeling grateful allows us to smile, to feel good, to have hope, and to be healthy. And when we ripple our gratitude out into the world, it helps someone else be grateful… and another person… and another. So, this month, as we approach Thanksgiving and the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on all that we’re grateful for. This includes the obvious things, like our family, friends, food, and shelter. It also includes the not-so-obvious things, like air to breathe, the seasons, and art. We can all assume that each day has the potential to bring us something that makes us unhappy, frustrated, or just a bit blah. We can also be certain that each day offers far more things for us to be grateful for. So no more stinkin’ thinkin’. This month is about being grateful and sharing that attitude with the world. Getting grateful matters.