There is an adjective that we believe most people would hope others would use to describe them. It might not be the first word they might choose, but it would be nice if it made it into the Top 5. The word is “selfless.” Its definition is short but says a lot: “To be more concerned with the needs of others than with one’s own.” The reason we find this word so powerful is because it has a way of combining words like “compassionate,” “generous,” and “kindness” all into one little eight-letter package. But just because we all might want this to be how we’re described, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re earning it. On a cultural-level, it’s not really happening. The themes that seem to be winning the day are more like “greedy,” “judgmental,” “narcissistic,” and “intolerant.” But let’s get personal here. What do you prioritize? How do you put others ahead of you? With the holidays upon us and most of the world consumed with giving and receiving, we’re wondering if we can choose to stay focused on the giving part… the selfless part. And we are not talking about gifts in boxes with fancy ribbons. Let’s make this month all about being selfless with our hearts… the most precious gift of all. Being selfless matters.