We have all heard the saying, “There are no more new ideas.” Now we aren’t going to spend time debating this, because 1) it’s impossible to prove, and 2) we’re not so sure it is the case. But let’s just assume this is correct for […]


Everyone has a story. Everyone’s story is unique. And our story is pretty much what makes us who we are today. All the good and the bad. The thrills and the struggles. The constructive relationships and the ones a little opposite of that. But how many people in your life truly know your story? Sure they get to see your Facebook and Instagram highlight reels, but what about the stuff underneath the surface? Not the stuff that you do, rather the stuff that makes you who you are. That’s the space where we like to hangout. That’s where lives change, where people transform. In our opinion, that’s the stuff that matters. Sure exposing people to our deepest secrets can be a little scary. We totally get that and believe that those might only be suited you very nearest and dearest. After all, we do need to protect our hearts and be careful on who we let inside. But let’s get more much basic than that. Let’s just start with your ideas, your thoughts, your opinions, your talents, your feelings. How often do you express any of those? The truth is that most of us are not very good at it. We hold back. We avoid judgment. Don’t believe our self. Just watch two people trying to figure out where to go to lunch. Making that simple decision often takes as long as the actual lunch. This month, however, it’s going to be different. We are going to express ourselves. We are going to share ourselves and connect with others in a super authentic and honest way. We are going head first, so get ready to let the world meet the true you. Being expressive matters. Special Thank You: Jake Viramontez… the heart, mind, and soul behind our videos.  It is so nice to see him on camera for a change.  Jake, you matter to us in a big way.  Thanks for helping to tell our story at EMM. Join the Movement: