Last month, we took some time to get a bit introspective. We dug deep on some very “human” topics that challenged us to truly be aware of ourselves, the people around us, and our world, at large… and it was awesome. This month, we are taking things to the next level, and we are going to be all about motivation. The cool part about the word “motivation” is that it has two means, both of which apply this month. One definition focuses on our reason or reasons for taking action… our motives or incentives. The second definition focuses on our desire and will to be great… our drive or enthusiasm. Well, get ready to get in touch with both definitions, because we are motivated to be motivated this month. We might find ourselves challenging a fear and being courageous. We might get a little resilient and resourceful and take on a warrior attitude to get’er done. And, we might even celebrate how motivated we are, because we all matter and that is enough of a reason to celebrate. The world needs more motivated people in it, so we are stepping up to the plate. Yes, that includes you. It’s going be a fun month, so get ready to expand your limits. Being motivated matters. A big “Thank You” to Jess Koehler for sharing her amazing photography and her time to be in our video this month.  Jess, you matter.