At first glance, this might seem like a strange focus for a monthly theme. After all, we’re pretty sure you’re “human.” Nothing shocking so far. But we think there’s more to it than just that, so please hear us out for a second. Just because we are all members of what scientists call “Homo sapiens,” it still leaves plenty of room to argue how “human” we really act. So we want to ask, what makes us “Homo sapiens”? In Latin, Homo sapiens means “wise man.” We can be wise, when we choose to be. But what about our ability to feel? Our ability to create? Our ability to connect and communicate? Our ability to know right from wrong and strive for a society that promotes the common good? This is the human part of us that we want to dive into this month. Why? Because there are endless opportunities to be better, a better human and a better group of humans. We can express ourselves better. We can choose kinder words and actions. We can be better friends and parents. We can even be better strangers to one another. So get ready for a month filled with embracing our humanness and humanity. It’s going to be all about us, “Homo sapiens.” And, since you are one of them, you should be able to ace this. Being a better human matters. Get involved with us: A big thank you to The Dales for sharing your music, your hearts, and Heather with us. We hope this video honors you as a band and as individuals… and, of course, Heather’s legacy.  You all matter to us deeply.  


Everyone loves a good adventure. Just look at the line-up for this year’s summer blockbusters: Guardians of the Galaxy, King Arthur, Spider-Man, Transformers, Wonder Woman and more. Billions of studio dollars will be spent to make sure we all scratch our itch for adventure. But, you already knew this, because they serve up the thrills every summer… and we keep coming. Why? Because it’s fun. These films let us check out and travel to lands far far away, while letting our imaginations run wild. So, in the spirit of wanting some big thrills, we want to make sure it’s not just the movies that bring adventure into your life this summer. We believe that the first step in all of this is simply accepting the fact that we are creatures of habit. We love our routines… we go on autopilot. Nothing wrong with routines, but the words “routine” and “adventurous” generally don’t work well together in the same sentence. At the same time, adventures come in all sizes. Sure there are the thrill seekers out there that will see this month as a license to bungee jump or take on a Class-5 river, but even going to a new museum or trying new food counts as well. The fun part is that you get to pick… after all, that’s part of the adventure. Have fun, make memories, and check out. Being adventurous matters. A big “Thank You” to our friend Kam.  Follow his adventures: