We live in an interesting time. Google search words like “connect, connected, or connection,” or the phrase “how to improve connections” and most of your findings will help you to better understand the Internet, wifi, and how to improve your Internet speed. Of course being connected to the grid is certainly a big part of our lives today, but this is not kind of connection we want to focus on this month. We want to talk about human connection—the relationship between two or more people that takes place off-line. This form of connection is not just nice, it’s necessary. Though it’s not always easy, we are designed to live in community and in relationship with each other. And, while technology has made it easier to connect with others, this doesn’t mean we are building true and meaningful connections or relationships. So get ready to find new ways to get connected and to really see what good connection does for you, all of us, and our world. Put your phone away and look someone in the eyes. Connect in new spaces and places, like community centers, classrooms, and metro stations. When you do use technology to connect, make it meaningful and true. Value our true interconnectedness and honor the relationships you have and are creating. This month, connect with others. It matters.