At first glance, this week might seem a little counter-intuitive to the idea of being mindful. After all, so much of being mindful is about being aware of the present moment. And, we agree 100% that living in the present is the only way to […]


Life is busy. So much to do, so little time. And with the holidays upon us, it’s about to get even busier. In addition to our typical to-do lists, we get to add gift buying, meal prepping, traveling, and a ton of people pleasing. Is your chest tightening up ever so lightly? We know. We’re right there with you. So we picked this month’s theme with an eye on easing into the end of the year as calm and Zen as possible. Because somewhere lost in all of the holiday madness is precisely what it’s all supposed to be about—joy, love, peace, family, giving, friendship, and kindness. But there’s no one to blame but ourselves. We can’t blame all of the catalogues or blowout sale emails we get. Nope, this is on us. We’re all guilty of letting it get the better of us. But not this year, because this month is all about being mindful. It’s time for us to be aware of our actions, to quiet our mind, and to really cherish every moment by being present. Mindfulness is not the easiest thing in the world. It takes attention and motivation and all without trying too hard… how’s that for ironic? Together, we can experience everything November has to offer, only a little differently and way more gently. It is going to be special. Being mindful matters.