Summer is the perfect time to sink into the enjoyment of being with others and the discovery that goes along with it. This summer, we want you to spend your time GETTING CULTURED and digging into the culture all around you. We live in a world where many cultures are around us—more than ever before—and, more importantly, the people from those cultures. Culture comes from our histories—shared and individual—and our hopes and our dreams. It comes from our traditions and languages, our journeys and investments. It’s important to remember that all cultures and all people are interconnected, and to be curious about the culture that we and everyone else live in. This month, get involved with the culture that is around you. Discover where you come from and the culture that you were brought up in. Do more than just observe the culture of your neighbor, friend, and classmate—ask questions and become a participant so you can really learn. Remember that your perspective isn’t necessarily “the right one” just because you have it; instead, take this opportunity to connect with others and learn what they have to say, too. And while you are at it, go experience art in all its forms, and uncover how closely art is connected to culture. So much to enjoy, so go connect and learn a little. Getting cultured matters. Thank you, Dante.  


Community is powerful. And community means lots of different things. Our community can be our family, our friends, our colleagues, or any groups or associations we belong to. Our communities can be made of up people who are similar, people who are different, people who […]


Once we discover the needs of our community, we then come to a fork in the road—to engage and get involved or to turn a blind eye and go about our routines. We are fairly confident that you know which path we think all of […]


How well do you know your community? Who do you know in your community? What are the strengths of your community and where can it grow to be more inclusive, more equitable, and fair? How can you engage with it in the best and most […]


Summer is officially here, which always welcomes the question, “So what are your plans for the summer?” You might have been asked this question several times already. Right? And, in wanting to sound cool and exciting, you might have felt the need to answer with the best-summer-ever plans. Of course, we hope that you and everyone else have a truly enjoyable summer in your own unique and special way, but we also hope for something more than that. What if instead of only focusing on fun, we also focused on service? What if instead of traveling, we spent more time giving back to the community we live in? See, summer is the perfect time to get more involved in your community. So take a moment to understand the needs of people in your community. Set up a schedule to volunteer every week at an organization that speaks to you and would benefit from your efforts. Remember, most non-profit organizations need support year-round, not just during the holidays. While you are it, get your friends, family, or colleagues to join you in your life-changing summer plan. Just imagine the next time someone asks you, “So what are your plans for the summer?” and you answer with the most heart-warming and spelled-out community engagement plan. No we are talking. This might be your best summer ever after all. Getting engaged matters. A big thank you to Kelle and Lisa for sharing their inspirational story with us. You are amazing. You matter.