Have you ever thought about why we find magicians to be so captivating and entertaining? After all, we know that they truly can’t perform magic. They can’t actually have an empty hat and then magically pull a rabbit from it. They certainly can’t cut someone […]


Every weather report, including the one on your phone right now, has a category called, “Visibility.” Meteorologists use the term “Visibility” as a measurement of the distance at which an object or light can be clearly discerned. Visibility is fundamental to all forms of transportation, […]


Every one of us is a creative being, and we all have the capacity to create. Many of us buy into the false belief that we don’t have a creative bone in our bodies. We disagree with that belief. Maybe you don’t feel like you […]


It is easy to feel boxed in. We all have our routines. We take the same route to and from the grocery store; we have restaurants we frequent and the favorite meal we always prepare at home; our roles and responsibilities at school or work can feel monotonous; even the clothes we wear can all start to look the same. And when we are asked the question, “So what’s new?” we often sheepishly answer, “Not much.” Not because we don’t like the new or exciting or different—it’s just our honest answer. This month, we’re going to remove that box. We’re going to paint outside the lines. It’s time to imagine something and then make it a reality—whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, a solution, or a new life. Just remember, anything and everything we see or use today was first imagined. This is true for the shoes we wear, the cars we drive, and the laws we follow. They were all imagined into being. So what do you want to imagine into being? You might be thinking of unicorns or flying pigs or your own pet dragon, which are all cool in our book, but what about something for your life or for your family? What about something for your community or the world at large? Do you feel it? Can you see it? Then that means it’s possible. So get ready imagine something some big and special and let’s turn those ideas into reality. Getting imaginative matters.