So many choices, so little time. There’s no shortage of options in life. We can do this, or we can do that. We can do this while doing that. We are constantly multi-tasking or keeping an eye out for the next best option. So much […]

THIS WEEK: Play the Hero

Every classic story has a few main characters – the villain, the victim, and the hero. Think about any Marvel movie or episode of CSI or great fiction book. And, really good stories have a way of connecting us to each of the characters. But […]


Everyone likes the real deal. We don’t want fake. We don’t want dishonest. We want the truth. But, no matter how much we believe we need it, the truth is, we’re not so great at it. We lie to ourselves, hide our flaws, and put […]


Think for a minute. Think about something that literally took your breath away. Maybe it was holding your newborn for the first time. Maybe it was lifting your first trophy at a basketball tournament or making the winning shot. Or, maybe it was getting your […]


Billions of dollars are spent each year, by people like us, on trying to achieve this month’s theme. We buy books, go to seminars, pay life coaches, watch videos, and try just about anything in our effort to get “there.” We think it is great that people are investing in themselves and searching for answers that can unlock personal peace and happiness. After all, self-transformation is at the core of what we do at EMM. It’s a big as part of our mission for social-transformation, since we believe these go hand-in-hand. Besides, who doesn’t want to get up every morning knowing that our life has direction, impact, and balance? Who doesn’t want to feel in control and clear on our choices, relationships and work? But somehow, in today’s culture, it often feels like we’re in a freefall, with a borage of information, decisions, and woulda’s and shoulda’s. We avoid or collide more than we connect, and we falter with setbacks and lose sight of how we are a part of something bigger here on earth. We seem to be “unintentional” experts rather than what we want to be. Well, this month is going to be different. Imagine finding some of your answers right here, right now, all this month? Being intentional matters. A big “Thank You” to our friend and the world’s best acting coach, Anthony Meindl.  You rocked it.