We all feel it. The holidays are now officially in full effect. The crowds. The traffic. The cooking. The shopping. The traveling. We spend an entire month in “Go” mode, checking off our to-do lists, pedal to the metal, making sure that everything is perfect, and then, in the blink of an eye, it’s over… and we all exhale from exhaustion. Does any of this even sound like a holiday? Or does it seem more like something that causes us to feel like we need a true holiday?
We are going to do our best this month to flip the holiday script… to get to a deeper meaning of what this time of year is all about. What if, instead of material gifts, we all gave the gift of thankfulness? Well, we kind of liked the idea, so we decided to do something a little different with our monthly video in the hope that you agree.
Welcome to The #YOUmatterBECAUSE Campaign. Our hope is that you will follow these super simple steps: 1. Watch this video 2. Think of someone (or several people) in your life that you can shoot a #YOUmatterBECAUSE video for 3. Shoot your video or videos 4. Share your videos with them, using: #YOUmatterBECAUSE 5. If you are feeling it, make a donation to Every Monday Matters, so we can bring our YOU MATTER message to more students around the world That’s it. Thanks for joining us in spreading this important message. YOU MATTER TO US.  


If there was ever a time of year when we are best at showing our generosity, it is the month of November. In fact, in the U.S. alone, over $50 billion is spent during the four days of Black Friday through Cyber Monday. And, for the sake of our argument, we are going to assume that this money was spent in an effort to purchase gifts for other people. Pretty generous, if you really think about it. So convincing that one might say that we have the gift buying and gift giving kind of generosity down pretty well. And, we are not here to say that this is a bad thing… hey, everyone gets to pick how they spend their money and what feels like the right expression of generosity for them and the person on the receiving end. However, we are here to say that this is not the only way to be generous. In fact, there are limitless ways that we can give to one another… and even to ourselves. Your smile is a gift. Your time is a gift. Your hope is a gift. And, all of the little things that you do to lift someone up and to be kind to ourselves are all gifts. And, we like to imagine a world where all of these gifts were freely exchanged all year around. So, this month, we are going to give a generous helping of generosity. Being generous matters.