We are proactive about so many things in our lives. We eat a meal before we are absolutely starving. We pay our power bill before the power gets turned off. We wake up in the morning with enough time to finish our morning routines and still get where we need to be on time… at least most of the time. However, when it comes to our health, we seem to shift to the opposite of being proactive and settle for being reactive. In other words, it’s not until we get sick that we realize the importance of taking care of ourselves. Even the smallest cold or a nasty flu seem to be enough to kick us into the “get proper rest, drink plenty of water, take our vitamins, and eat healthy foods” mode. And, this is just for the lucky ones. Often times the scenario can be much worse—high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, or cancer—and only the lucky few get a second chance at taking better care of themselves. It’s time for us to change our ways when it comes to taking care of ourselves. We need to make our health our top priority, for without it, we have and can do nothing. But don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of getting healthy or healthier. You don’t need to starve yourself and commit to working out seven days a week. That’s not necessarily healthy either. Rather, start seeing your state of health as the result of hundreds or thousands of smaller decisions. We eat our food one bite at a time. We exercise one step at a time. We check-in with ourselves and our loved ones, one moment at a time. It is these small increments, when done properly and with the right frequency, that lead us to healthy-ville… or not. So don’t wait till you “have to,” choose to. Feel and be healthier than ever before in a mind, body, and soul sort of way. Your health matters. A big thank you to Patty Malcolm for letting us step into her kitchen at For more great recipes, make sure to sign up for her newsletter and enjoy some amazing plant-based food.