News flash. Our Earth is getting more and more crowded. Our cities have gotten so big now that urban sprawl, whereby the unpopulated rural areas around our cities actually become urban, is just a normal thing. And, on top of that, people are still moving into the city centers, which means we have to build both up and out. Civilization is everywhere… and it’s made up of folks just like you. But just because civilization is everywhere, doesn’t mean we are actually creating a better or more “civil” society. “Civilized” might mean modern or populated, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into better. Consider the political climate. Terrorism. Road rage. Cyber-shaming. Crime. Greed. Consumption. Waste. Injustice. When you think of these social phenomena, do the words, “polite,” “courteous,” “well mannered,” “generous” or “kind” come to mind? No, we didn’t think so either. The fact is that we are way off the mark when it comes to being civil towards one another, so we are going to do our part to change that. Let’s channel our inner-Mr. Rogers this month to create a world where civility, love, kindness, and goodness prevail. Let’s treat each other better. Period. Being civil matters. Join the Movement:  


The holidays are over and we are now on day #2 of 2017. In a perfect world, the holidays are designed to really give us time to slow down, to think, and to feel; but we know that so often that’s not the case. Last […]


Hello, 2017. It’s nice to meet you. A new year. A new 12 monthly themes and new 52 Mondays of mattering. And, if we’re all ready to buy into all of the traditions of kicking off a new year, then it’s also time for a new you. Or, maybe better put, a “Fresh” you. Webster’s might call you, a “not previously known or used” version of you. Or they might even refer to you as “recently created or experienced and not faded or impaired.” We like all of it and look forward to being your Sherpa or guide, if you will, in your 2017 journey. But we’re warning you, don’t think you can kickback, because we’re not wasting any time. This month has five Mondays in it, meaning five opportunities to be fresh. So get ready to search your soul and to ask yourself some big questions. Get ready to build your team and involve others… after all, we can’t do it alone. Then, set your sites, push your comfort zone and announce to the world that this is your year to go to places you’ve never gone before. And, most importantly, have a lot of fun and feel good about doing it. We recommend being kind to yourself in the process. It’s not a quest for perfection, rather just taking your chance to be something “recently created.” Go for it. Being fresh matters. Join the Movement: