Being ourselves is one of the bravest acts of all. It’s ingrained in us to not accept who we are, to criticize ourselves, to believe that we aren’t as good, as strong, and as wonderful as we really are. We are so good at this […]


Many great thinkers and leaders have talked about bravery or courage. The best ones speak of bravery not as the absence of fear, but as the triumph over it, or the ability to overcome it. That got us thinking: Maybe the whole reason we can even be brave is because we experience fear. When we think of it that way, it actually makes fear not seem so bad, for it provides us the opportunity to be brave. While this is easier said than done, we believe it’s possible—and is pretty awesome. This month, we’re exploring bravery and the tension that exists when we’re brave. How can we be brave when we’re afraid? How is bravery tied to love? What if it’s hard to trust that we’ll be okay? How can bravery affect the world? Being brave isn’t always easy, but when we practice bravery—when we choose it every day—our lives can change dramatically. Being brave allows us to love others and ourselves. It shows us that fear doesn’t have power over us, and that there are things that are more important than fear. Being brave allows us to take one step forward, and trust that any steps back will be for our greatest good. We all have the ability to be brave, and we all can base our bravery in kindness, respect, and mindfulness. Being brave matters, and this month we’re about to see just how much. Let’s get brave.