Every year we dump over two billions tons of waste. If that is challenging to wrap your head around, maybe this will help… If all this waste was put into garbage trucks at the same time, bumper-to-bumper, those trucks would go around the world 24 […]


When it comes to taking care of the Earth, most of us agree that taking care of it should be a priority. What we often forget is that it’s up to each one of us to contribute. And we do contribute—whether we do so consciously or not, in helpful or harmful ways. The inconvenient reality, however, is that even the good ways we contribute are just to offset the damage we do. So, this month, as we get Earthy, we want you to make conscious choices of how you can better the world around you. The Earth gives us a lot, like fresh air, beautiful scenery, and water, and it’s up to us to give back. So this month, when you’re faced with a choice of whether you’ll recycle that can of soda or throw it in the trash, we hope you choose to recycle. When you have a choice between supporting a business with sustainable practices or one that doesn’t, choose sustainability. When you choose whether to keep a light on or turn it off, turn it off. Choose to know more about the Earth around you this month. Because your actions—along with the billions of others—matter. It all adds up. Let’s maximize the good impact we can have, and minimize how harmful we can be. Getting Earthy matters.