By registering for the access and use of Every Monday Matters’ (EMM) free K-12 SEL Education Curriculum, you are entering a partnership we take very seriously. Why? Because we believe that creating a world where every individual and organization embraces how much and why it matters is pretty awesome. Together, we can:

  • Improve the lives of our students and their families
  • Fulfill a key role in helping our schools, communities, and the world become better places as a result of our students understanding how much they matter

Please review the following terms:

1. You Matter. In order to carry out the mission of EMM and to achieve our mutual goals with the education curriculum, you must first and foremost understand that you are the ultimate role model for your students, their families and your colleagues. In other words, “You Matter.” Without your own sincere belief of, and commitment to, the power of “You Matter” and your positive actions, this program cannot succeed. Yeah, sure, not all days are easy and we’re not perfect, but at EMM, we do our very best to live up to the ideals and themes we advocate in our curriculum.

2. Respect the rules. This curriculum is used broadly across many types of institutions and may suggest activities that may or may not be doable within your organization’s constraints. EMM does not take responsibility for the curriculum’s use in your environment. It is up to the educator who uses the curriculum to make the necessary adaptations so that they ensure that all of their organization’s rules and guidelines are 100% adhered to. Student safety, confidentiality, and respect must be prioritized in all planning of and implementation of the program. If you are not sure if a particular activity would be considered compliant in your teaching environment, please check with the proper authorities to determine what can and cannot be implemented.

3. Measurement. It is critical to capture performance data on the EMM curriculum. This helps us to secure the support and resources necessary to deliver and continually improve the program at no cost to you. In order to collect important performance data, you will be asked to participate in electronic surveys throughout the school year. You may also volunteer or be asked to participate in next-level data collection activities, which may include on-site visits/observations, telephone interviews, and/or quantitative and qualitative surveys. Participation in electronic surveys is considered a condition for the use of the curriculum. The enforcement of this rule will remain at the discretion of EMM. Participation in next-level measurement activities will remain a voluntary process unless it becomes necessary to require participation. In all cases, the time required to participate in any performance measurement activity will be clearly communicated by EMM in an announcement email. Results will be kept confidential and only presented as data linked to details about a particular organization’s (school, district, center, program) demographics.

4. Have some fun. Yes. Have fun. Learning can be productive and fun at the same time. So promise us you’ll have fun with your students while helping them break new and meaningful ground personally and together.

5. Changes to the program. Changes to the program are to be expected. These changes will reflect input from educators and any decisions made that result from the performance data we’ll be collecting over time. All changes will be communicated using email.

6. Communication. Please use our contact email to send comments or questions. We promise to review and respond to your email within 72 hours of receiving it. To contact us, email:

7. Remember how much you matter!

We do not spam.