Some things in life are just must haves. We must have water, food, connection, health, and the list goes on. Our focus this month is certainly another must-have on the list, which is actually why we find it a bit problematic. More specifically, why do we need appreciation days in order to remember to be appreciative? Every single day of the year now has multiple things for us to appreciate. For example, National Superhero Day, National Hairstylist Day, and National Honesty Day all fall on April 30th. First off, that is a lot to remember to appreciate on that given day; but secondly, and more conflicting, is the idea that we need to call this out. Shouldn’t we always appreciate our superheroes, hairstylists and honesty? Much like instead of teaching our children how to say “thank you,” we should teach them how to be grateful, the same applies to the concept of appreciation. When we hold appreciation close to our heart and make it as necessary to our thriving as we do food and water, being appreciative becomes a part of our essence and we show it everywhere we go. So this month, let’s make sure appreciation is an even deeper part of our DNA. It will change how we see the world, how we interact with others, and how we see ourselves. And, for the record, we appreciate you making this month all about appreciation. Being appreciative matters.

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